Jules Watson, Historical Fiction Author

"Jules Watson has conjured up the mythic past, a
land of Celtic legend and stark grandeur. Readers
will find her world and characters fascinating and unforgettable." -
Sharon Penman, bestselling author of Devil's Brood

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Raven Queen


Raven Queen Cover

The Raven Queen

Queen Maeve is one of the most famous and intriguing women in ancient Ireland, branded by history a voracious man-eater and a ruthless war-mongerer. Imagining a different Maeve, The Raven Queen resurrects a free-spirited young woman who would be no man's plaything, but the ruler of her own destiny. Following that destiny, she unleashes the greatest battle in Irish myth.

Maeve was always a pawn of her father's, but when he dies she seizes the moment and abandons the marriage he trapped her in: to the powerful King Conor of the Ulaid. Brave and desperate, she knows only one way to free herself forever - win the right to rule her people, so that no man can subjugate her again.

She risks the wrath of the supernatural sídhe to steal her father's sword from his grave by a sacred lake. There Maeve meets the blind druid Ruán, a mysterious exile with a connection to the sídhe she does not understand. She returns to the lake again and again, hoping to gain his hidden power for her own.

Soon Maeve is fighting brother and kin, and the treachery and greed of men. Relying on boldness, quick wits, and sheer courage she seeks to win the hearts of her people so she can be acclaimed a queen in her own right.

But beneath all her bravado, Maeve is driven along dark paths by fear and the hidden pain of past hurts. She ignores Ruán's pleas for peace, and determines that the only way to protect herself against King Conor is to attack him first. She gathers the other kingdoms of Ireland and sets forth on what is now the most famous battle saga in Celtic myth: the Cattle Raid of Cooley.

And in so doing, she risks her only chance at love.

In the midst of war and chaos, however, comes an unexpected redemption. A part of Maeve she thought long lost is reawakened, and she discovers at last the true nature of the power of women, and the potental she always held within.

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