Jules Watson, Historical Fiction Author

"Jules Watson has conjured up the mythic past, a
land of Celtic legend and stark grandeur. Readers
will find her world and characters fascinating and unforgettable." -
Sharon Penman, bestselling author of Devil's Brood

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Raven Queen


The Dawn Stag

The Dawn Stag

AD 81, Scotland. The prospect of a peaceful and free future for Alba is threatened as Agricola, the governor of Roman Britain, plans an invasion of the north.

Rhiann is an Alban priestess and princess who submitted to a political marriage to Eremon, an exiled Irish prince. Out of duty, grew love - a powerful and desperate love that will bind them together through conflict and betrayal. Now in them lies the hope of a nation. For there is a new Emperor in Rome, Domitian, and he has commanded that Agricola crush the troublesome realm. Agricola's army is formidable - brilliantly armed and heavily supported. To the people of Alba it is a wall of steel and fire advancing across their homeland, bringing with it desolation.

The predestined day draws near: the armies of Alba and Rome will meet in an epic battle to decide the fate of a country. Rhiann searches for guidance in the spirit world, little realizing how big a part she will play in this endgame.

Eremon knows only that he must risk - and sacrifice - many lives, perhaps even his own.

The Dawn Stag is Jules Watson's sensational second novel about the legend of Rhiann and Eremon, their enduring devotion to each other and to Alba, and their heroic crusade against Roman occupation. The White Mare is the acclaimed first book in the Dalriada Trilogy.

Please note that The Dawn Stag released by Overlook Press in the US has a different cover. I hope all three in the trilogy will be released with matching covers some time. If you want matching ones, the UK versions of all three books are available on amazon.co.uk

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